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100L Seven SS Stars Non Pressurized Solar Water Heater

100L Seven SS Stars Non Pressurized Solar Water Heater:

Seven Stars Solar Water Heaters are popular high-quality solar water Heaters. They are made to last longer and are highly adaptive to both fresh and borehole water. They come with an inner tank made of stainless steel to work with the rising use of borehole water.   It allows water to get in it by pressure but will only leave at the outlet through convectional flow. To boost pressure at the delivery, a hot-water-compatible pump can be installed to suck hot water.

100 Liters Non-Pressurized SEVEN SS STARS Solar Water Heater Technical Data

Tank Outer Tank  Material: 0.4mm SUS304-2B stainless steel

Diameter: 420mm/460mm/480mm 



Material: SUS304-2B stainless steel

Diameter and Thickness:310mm/360mm/380mm(0.40/0.58mm)

Insulation Layer  50/55/60mm high-density polyurethane foam 
Solar Collector Material: three target tubes (SS/CU/AL-coating)

Size: Φ47x1500mm/Φ58×1800mm 

No of Tubes: 10 Pieces.

Support Frame Material:1.5mm import heat zinc steel plate

Installation angle: 27°, 38°, 45° 


  • Due to lower pressure and stress on the tank and collectors, it has a longer life than high-pressure solar systems.
  • Can provide hot water without external power such as pumps.
  • Due to its simplicity, it is usually a cheaper option.
  • It is more energy-efficient i.e it is highly effective in converting sunlight into heat.

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