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10 Watts Solar Panel- 10Watts -12volts

The  10-watt solar panel is suitable for charging small household Equipeents like mobile phones using sunlight.

The panel is specially designed to charge small batteries up to 7 Ah or 7000 mAh.

12V solar panels for sale in Nairobi Kenya

The 10 watts, the 12-volt solar panel will provide enough power to trickle charge a 12V vehicle or deep cycle battery. Help run pumps, lights, fans, and small appliances such as stereos, televisions, and VCRs in caravans, boats, or cabins.

10-watt solar panel Specifications;

Output Power 10 Watts
Operating Voltage 12 Volt
Panel Technology Poly Crystalline
Manufacturer warranty 5 years on Manufacturing defects
Performance Warranty 25 Years
Additional Features A+ Grade, anti PID Poly Crystalline cells
Cell Conversion efficiency > 16%
Compliance to IEC standards


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